The Blog

Hello Everyone! Welcome to my blog! 

I created this blog because I have so many interests, even tumblr couldn't cover all of them. I wanted a place where I could talk about my views, thoughts, opinions and feelings, like a dairy, just on the internet.. for everyone to see. Smart huh? 

I soon realized that I actually enjoy having people respond to my posts about my day, what i've been up to, what i've bought, what i've watched, and where I'm going. Spending a few years snooping around other peoples blogs made me really want to improve the quality of my content and turn my blog into something bigger. Over time this blog became a multi-platform for me to post about everything from college and adventures, to anime and current affairs.  

I would be lying if I said there is a certain theme or direction for this blog. Trying to fit into a certain category doesn't really fly well with me, so I'll leave it up for interpretation.

This isn't a blog for negative souls, there is only happiness in this part of the internet!(*/∀\*)

What can you expect to find on this blog? 

Pretty much anything that pops up into my mind and get's written into a post! 


You can also find a selection of Series' on my blog, 

Minae's Life ♥
Life as a magical girl can be hard sometimes, but when Minae updates about her life, It relaxes her and gives her motivation to do more! Seeing people read, comment and support what goes on in my life gives me willpower and magical strength, so please look out for me by reading more on Minae's Life ♥!

♡ Kami 7 Series ♡ 
The only pace where you can see a Godly Lists of Anything. Whether it's my favorite Idol groups to Anime, or Games to Food, there isn't anything that can't be stacked and listed! 

☆ Minae's Adventures ☆
I do enjoy a good adventure across the country to find the most amazing places to visit. This is a series that I hope will inspire you to go on an adventure of your own and try out new things. Join me in my journey to find the cutest places on earth! 

♪ Monthly Music Recap ♪
Discontinued in 2013/4, this segment is making a return to the blog! A blog segment where I look at what each month had to offer for 30 days before making way for the next one! Idol scandals to Concert tours, Graduations, and Smash Hits will all be talked about on Minaekei once more! 

Leitmotiv is German for “leading theme.” This new segment will showcase a new topic that I will talk about during each post. Topics depend on whenever I thinks of that particular theme and feels passionately about it. These tend to be quite controversial, but I do hope you enjoy reading them regardless. 

A message from Mr. Majestic

Minae's life is quite difficult being both an Idol and a Magical Girl, on top of her normal life. 

When she doesn't have the weapons necessary to defeat evil, or the moral support of her loyal wota, it becomes very hard for her to succeed. Their are typical things a Magical Idol Girl needs to be able to do her job right. For Minae to achieve her goals, she needs to rely on her loyal Fans to provide her with the power to fight. 

Mahou Crystarium
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Minae's blog consist's of various posts that will help you survive in this cruel world! Become a Wota and follow her on her quest to make the world a better place! (*/∀\*)