I've been blogging for a few years now, and over that time I've gotten a lot of similar questions, so here's a little FAQ for you! If you still don't happen to find the answer to your question, please send me an email at jasminech@outlook.com. Thank you. 

Where did you get your blog name from? 
- My family nicknames are "jas", "min", or "minae", so I just took the latter and used it as my username haha! My username is actually the online name that I've been using for years now, I used 'minaeshi' or 'minaekei' for pretty much every game, sns or blog that I created. Now however, I only use 'minaeshi' for forums and 'minaekei' as my blog name. 

Do you tag all your posts & reblogs?
- Unlike my tumblr page, on my blog I do tag every post that I make according to the theme of the post. 
If you're looking for a category such as lifestyle or anime, or a series such as 'minae's life', you can find them in the links bar at the top of the page. 
If you're looking for something specific like "wishlist" or "haul", please look at the bottom of the sidebar menu to see the main tags. 
If you want to be really specific and search for something like an anime show, a book, or a idol group, use the search bar! 

What type of music do you listen to? 
- I'm pretty diverse with my music, I can go from listening to Shinee to Justin Bieber to 30STM to Mindy Gledhill. I like anything really. I enjoy listening to a few kpop & jpop groups, 90’s boy groups (think nsync & backstreet boys), Rock, Bubblegum pop, Hip Hop, Soundcloud tracks, and so on. To find my favorite Aritsts go to my About me page! 

What camera(s) do you use? / What do you use to edit your photo's? 
- I use the Samsung nx2000 w/ 20-50mm lens in white for most of my photos. If not I will use my phone, Samsung Galaxy S5 in White. My Polaroid photo's are from my Fujifilm instax mini 7s in white. Depending on where I am or what device I'm using, I will use either Photoshop (Software), PicMonkey (Online), or Aillis (App) to edit my photos. If the photo's are for reviews, I won't the product's and will show them at face value.

Where do you buy your products from? 
- Depending on the product, a variety of places. 
For Beauty -  Superdrug, Boots, Sasa, Yesstyle, Kiko, Mac, Lush, The Body Shop, and Sephora. 
For Clothing - H&M, New Look, The Sting, Stradivarius,  Forever21, Storenvy, and Yesstyle. 
For Other products and Technology, I will get them from Amazon or Ebay. 

Where did you get your theme?
- I always make sure the theme credit is at the bottom of the page. 
Please let me know if the button disappears. I’m currently using a theme by the wonderful KayLuxeDesign

Can you follow/rate my blog?
- If I like the content you have on your blog then I'll follow you! 
Please don't ask me to follow you back if you're not going to actively read my blog. I don't enjoy Ghost Followers. 

Do you do to Comic Con/Anime Conventions? 
- I do! I mainly go to Hyper Japan, MCM Expo, and London Film and Comic Con, but you can find me at other events.
I post all the events I'm attending on my Cosplay page! 

Thanks for reading!