Bucket List!

We all have a bucket list that we write up but never actually follow through with. I have a bad habit of writing a bucket list and then ignoring it for months, even years until one day I remember it, dig it out of the closet to Narnia and look at all the things I wanted to do but never got round to achieving. 

I want to look back on my life someday and say "I achieved all the goals I made in the past, I have no regrets". It's funny, but I think that by putting my bucket list up here for the world to see, I'll be more inclined to actually try and complete these goals. So without further ado, here is my official bucket list. 

See the Northern Lights 
Visit Tokyo / Greece / Paris / Venice / LA / Korea / Singapore / New York
Ride a Helicopter
Finish a Wreck this Journal 
Go to university
Visit a Cat Cafe 
Achieve at least an ABB in my Alevels 
Shop at Harrods during Winter
Walk behind a waterfall 
Go on a Road trip
Watch a play at a theater in London
Go Rock Climbing
Get a Tattoo
Have a christmas/halloween/easter party with friends 
Meet my favorite idols
Build a pillow fort with my best friends and watch movies together 
Pass my driving test 
Bake the perfect Croissant
Go to San Diego Comic Con
Have a date at a carnival
Read the holy scriptures from as many religions as I can 
Start learning Japanese
Get a Job 
Do Volunteer work at an Orphanage 
Do Volunteer work in an Animal Shelter 
Go to Glastonbury festival 
Move out 
Get Drunk 
Go Camping
Experience a White Christmas 
Go to every Disney Park