♡ October MCM Expo Haul 2015! ♡

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Hi Everyone! How has your weekend been? Here in the UK we have officially started our half term meaning we have a whole week off college/school/uni etc, and I kicked off my half term by attending the London MCM Expo (which I literally just got back from)! 

COLLAB | Favorite Anime to watch on Halloween w/ Alluring Alyss!

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Hi everyone! How are you all doing today? 

I had my Formal Assessment for my Fashion course, which is when my teachers give me a predicted final grade. These grades aren't final and can be changed depending on how well we do throughout the course. My current teacher set me a predicted grade of a B which I'm super happy about because this means I'm working on a B grade and can only improve from here! I've gotta work a lot harder though so please bare with my delayed posts lol...

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Back to School Series 2015: Whats in My School Bag?

Sunday, 18 October 2015

*Note: I was supposed to get this uploaded by 7:30pm (GMT) on thursday as promised but It seems I didn't schedule it like I thought it did lol. Oh well, here it is, enjoy!

Hi everyone!
As you can see, I just remembered that I didn't complete the last two posts for my 5 part back to school series.. and I started college almost 2 months ago.... HAHA! Let's pretend we're back in September okay?

Missed the last Back to School posts?

Today I've been busy sorting out my fashion coursework! We have a half point deadline which is next money so I've been working hard these last few weeks to get the best results because it will be my predicted grade! Because I have a lot of materials to bring into college to get my work done, I have to keep organized and carry multiple bags which can get a little tiring when you have to carry everything for 5 days a week.

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Sunday, 11 October 2015

Hi everyone! How have you all been doing?! October has been a hectic month for me so it's taken a while for me to get my head around things and figure things out. I've just finished watching the Princess Dairies 2 (one of my favorite Disney films) and it's made me realize that, the life of a princess is always hard, but we get through it eventually and everything turns out okay in the end. So I took that as a moral of this week so that I can persevere and keep motivated for the next week ahead. 

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Monthly Favorites (September 2015)

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Hello everyone! How has you month been? I honestly cannot believe it's already October!! I love October for 3 reasons. 1) It's the "official" beginning of Autumn, 2) It's my birthday month (28th) and, 3) IT'S THE MONTH OF HALLOWEEN! I'm so glad this month has begun, it brings me nothing but happiness so I can't wait to see what this month has to hold for me!